A nurse with a niche "Financial Health"

Donna Rosby MBA, BS, RN.

Donna Rosby

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Donna Rosby is a registered nurse, author, serial entrepreneur, and business owner.

She initially started her career working as a registered Dietician before quickly learning that this field was not what she wanted to do. Donna later started nursing school where she graduated, and currently works as a Heart Failure Coordinator after working more than twenty-four years as a bedside cardiac nurse for two different prominent hospitals.

While working as a nurse, Donna began to study areas in the financial sector like taxes, insurance, budgeting education, money management, and credit repair.  She even self-studied the stock market and began investing. Donna was encouraged with the results of investing and decided to share her knowledge with her fellow nurses by starting a stock investment club thirteen years ago.

A nurse with a niche

about the Book

Rendering experiences as successful business woman and nurses, these women present this motivational collection of real-life experiences of juggling multiple businesses and families. Written with honest and engaging pose, it is full of personal stories intended to encourage readers to pursue life with purpose, follow their dreams, and achieve their set goals. Both spiritual and practical, this inspirational book combines modern nursing and entrepreneurial knowledge with success tips to create distinctive, valuable insights. It reveals the raw, often sightless, journey of success and serves as a stimulus for nurses striving for personal growth and professional independence.

Donna Rosby

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